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Banana Moon Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield

Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield

The emphasis at Banana Moon is to see everything from a parents point of view. We appreciate we are being entrusted with the care of your most precious possessions, therefore we have created a caring, loving and secure environment for children from 0 – 5 years of age.

Quality of care and learning will be to the highest standards at every stage of your child’s development. To reinforce this 100% of our staff are qualified or working towards qualification.

Our purpose built nursery is light and airy with an in-house kitchen producing freshly cooked nutritious food everyday. We do not serve convenience or any fried food. Outdoors we have a secure playground and an exciting natural adventure area.

We are confident you will appreciate our nursery, its setting and facilities. Should you wish to visit we are available at any time to meet with you. Any comments or input from parents is always welcome.

The Nursery Director

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